Add a Rose and Garden Together and You Get Paradise

If your garden has enjoyed a little of your hard labor recently, then consider rewarding your efforts, by bringing a particular rose and garden flowers to accompany it to give your great garden a cool, classical finishing touch.

Roses come in a variety of types, and can be used in a number of different ways. From shrubs to rambling, there’ll be one out there that’s right for you. You may be thinking “I heard they are difficult to keep”, and with older varieties, I’d be saying that’s true. However, hybrid roses, developed in a number of different varieties, give us green hearted, if not green fingered types the ability to have them in our gardens. Hybrids are developed to provide greater resilience to disease than older varieties.

They are also developed to come with other benefits, like different fragrances and more frequent blooming periods, giving the gardener more reward for the work involved. A rose and garden that compliments your home can add value to your property, and bring a touch of class to your home.

• Miniature – These can be used to brighten up not just your garden, but your home too! Plant miniature versions, like ‘Snow Magic’ in a portable pot. Allow the rose and garden to get to know one another, and once it is in full bloom, bring the pot into your home and bring the joys of the outdoors indoors! Spray daily, and return the pot to the garden after the pot has been in your home for a month.

• Tea – These are one of the most common types and garden lovers will immediately recognize this particular version, as its delicate nature and fragrant smell have made it popular with people during the last few centuries. Hybrid tea’s have been developed, as tea roses are extremely difficult to keep healthy. Again, these hybrids provide better resistance to the daily wear and tear of outdoor life, giving gardeners everywhere the chance to grow something truly remarkable in their own back yard!

• Rambling – Rambling roses allow you to create beautiful walls or arches of blooms, adding a unique twist to a beautiful flower. They require pruning, and a process known as training, to help them take the desired shape; but with a little maintenance, they can soon make a splendid rose and garden framework can look perfect in its place using this clever gardening technique. Rambling types will flower once a year. Climbers behave almost exactly the same as rambling, except they flower more frequently in a season than ramblers.

Whether you want them for your rockery or your patio, you’ll find one to suit the location of your garden, and your own tastes and budget. Search online for information on specific roses that spark your imagination. Your new rose and garden will give please year after year, and it’s important to do the groundwork in advance to ensure you have the best chances of growing a beautiful plant.